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Humans vs AI ? using Coaching in education to step up on our humanness to counteract AI

As we face more and more advancements in technology and Artificial Intelligence, are we really coming to the point where we question Humans vs AI? This talk will explore how we can move forward in education taking the best from AI and technology as great complements to all that we do as great human educators.

If we explore the definition of humanness and the quality of being human we can understand that we can harness our metacognition and knowledge of the brain, heart, intuition connection and our expressive communication through professional coaching to enhance learning processes. In addition we can understand how to use the new technologies to our learner’s and our advantage, so that learning becomes an impacting experience that leads to more effective, more efficient and even faster learning reaching all types of today’s learners.

Brain Friendly Grammar Bootcamp

Grammar – most learners hate it! Brain friendly grammar distils neuroscience and professional coaching into a simple spoken conversation, harnessing the ideal conditions for absorbing the mechanics of language. In this way, grammar is discussed and explored with the learner in a calm brain friendly conversation. By using the PACT PQC coaching model, language educators will totally transform grammar. This webinar will focus on how to shift grammar conversations by using a coaching model and integrating principles from neuroscience and neuropsychology. The main focus is how to get learners to be curious and to scaffold from previous knowledge as well as bringing then to understand the reasons for grammar and be able to use and apply it instantly. The conversation focuses on constant interaction between coach and coachee and no more long explanations about grammar, but rather getting the coachee to create bigger pictures and then break down and build up the grammar into bite size chunks. We will look at creating a breakdown which can then be used as the “roadmap” through the conversation and then how to deliver this roadmap using the PACT PQC model, which stands for Placement, Assessment, Conversation, Teach, Powerful Questions and Clarification. Each part of the model will be explained and the participants will try out and practise this with an example grammar area.

The model focuses on interaction, enjoyment and non-stressful learning, allowing learners to feel supported, listened to and guided at all times. No two grammar conversations will be the same, as each learner will be different and the coach will always be adapting to the individual or group he/she is working with each time.
OCTOBER 28th: 10:00 CEST

Is Neurolanguage Coaching for Any Learner?

I am often asked the question “is Neurolanguage Coaching for any type of learner?” The answer is definitely YES! This workshop will explore all types of learners from toddlers to youngsters to teenagers to adults. Different types of clients from business executives to retirees. Different types of neurodiversity and how to adjust and be flexible for all special needs and finally how to use NL Coaching for exams. We will also dive into special areas like pronunciation questions or specific professions.

Developing a sixth sense to connect with clients on a deeper level will lead to a more profound learning experience. In this workshop we will deep dive to understand how to reach this “language whisperer” ability and I will also demonstrate what I mean with this with one of the webinar participants.

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